Daily Roll on July 1, 2003

On July 1, Global Quakes took on a rolling nature, occurring 3 times during the day, the Dawn (6:00 UTC), Face (12:30 UTC), and Dusk (17:30 UTC) times with the Dark side outcome still outstanding. Sites reacting to all 3 Global Quakes were predictably along the Pacific Rim: New Zealand, Australia, Japan, and China. Sites which had been exhibiting stress reacted to the Global Quake at Dusk, and were either at the poles or in the stretch zone pulling forward when the Atlantic Rift was held back: Bearing Straits, Antartica, Wake Isl, Harvard, Norway, and Gabon. Other sites in the adjusting stretch zone where the Caribbean gives also reacted at Dusk: Brazil, and Puerto Rico.

Dawn/Face/Dusk Along Pacific Rim
South Karori, New ZealandCharters Towers, Australia
Matsushiro, JapanMudanjiang, China
Dusk at Stress Points: Poles, Mid-Pacific, or Pulling Stretch Zone
Bilibino, RussiaSouth Pole, Antarctica
Wake Island, Pacific OceanHarvard, Massachusetts, USA
Kongsberg, NorwayMasuku, Gabon
Dusk at Adjusting Stretch Zone as Carribbean Gives
San Juan, Puerto RicoSamuel, Brazil

July 1

06:01:56.0 UTC Mag 5.9 Philippines
06:00:40.4 UTC Mag 5.7 China
05:59:34.5 UTC Mag 5.4  Nepal                           
05:57:57.3 UTC Mag 5.5  Myanmar                         
05:52:24.1 UTC Mag 6.0  Celebes Sea                     
05:52:22.4 UTC Mag 6.1 Celebes Sea
05:52:14.0 UTC Mag 5.7 Java 
05:51:45.0 UTC Mag 6.0 Borneo
05:51:35.3 UTC Mag 5.4 Borneo
05:51:31.3 UTC Mag 6.1 Philippines
05:51:29.6 UTC Mag 6.0 Philippines
05:51:14.0 UTC Mag 6.0 Celebes Sea
05:51:12.6 UTC Mag 5.9 Celebes Sea
05:51:07.6 UTC Mag 6.2 Sulawesi
05:51:05.4 UTC Mag 5.8 Borneo

17:00:32.0 UTC Mag 5.8 Philippines
17:00:27.5 UTC Mag 5.2 Philippines
17:00:25.8 UTC Mag 5.6 Philippines
17:00:07.8 UTC Mag 5.0 Philippines